The research related to our patents in nanotechnology enables to get personalized carrier systems for different molecules. We are able to adapt the system to the project and client specifications.

Innovation and quality

We are able to design and manufacture new products in the field of Biomedical Engineering, due to the know-how of our research team and its experience in product development and manufacture as well as in the quality assurance and certification of medical devices.

Our Team

We are a biotechnology company with highly qualified staff, located in the Technologic Park of Álava.

MANU MUÑOZExecutive Director
Coordinates the nanotechnology team. He is the link between the researcher, the clinician and the patient in the development to improve the quality of life.
RAÚL PÉREZScientific Director
Scientific and researcher expert in the field of nanohydrogels and the controlled released of active substances, a clear referent in the field of biopolymer injections.
IÑAKI LÓPEZQuality Director
Guarantor of quality and its fulfilment to ensure that our products and processes comply with the requirements and regulations of pharma and medical devices.
SERGIO CADIERNOEngineering Director
Expert in pharmaceutical and the industrial manufacturing processes of medical devices. Knowledge of technological developments and technology transfer.

About Us

We are a medical device research Company with a wide and extensive scientific and research knowledge, in the field of nanotechnology for controlled release and its biomedical applications. The accompanying video will introduce to you a small part of ‘what we are’ and ‘what we do’.