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Cutting edge nanotechnology

Product development and manufacture. Quality assurance. Medical device certification.


The strict control of the manufacturing process, the direct implication of the partners and the demanding/though quality policy defines i+Med’s philosophy and ensures the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

i+Med has an innovative character and it can design, develop and manufacture new products in the field of biomedical engineering, thanks to the research expertise of the team and their experience not just in the development of the product and manufacture but also in the quality assurance and medical device certification.

  • Complete service, from the design guided and worked jointly with the customer until the certification has been achieved

  • We are suppliers of high quality nanomaterials for the scientific community and for the industry.

  • We collaborate with our customers to develop a process that complies.


With the direct contact and the customization of our products, we always find the best solution for each need. The expertise of our team and our capabilities to make custom made products, allows us to offer the most specialized and fast response to any query.


We are a company that believes in people, in the excitement of living, and as we are researchers by choice, we search forward that our products improve the quality of life of the patients.

We are experts in providing the best response to each need.

We work hand by hand with clinicians, researchers and companies to get better every day.

We are a cooperative company and strongly believe in what that involves.

We are i+Med.

Meet our team

We are a biotechnology company with highly qualified staff, located in the Technologic Park of Álava in Miñano.

MANU MUÑOZExecutive Director
Coordinates the nanotechnology team. He is the link between the researcher, the clinician and the patient in the development to improve the quality of life.
RAÚL PÉREZScientific Director
Scientific and researcher expert in the field of nanohidrogels and the controlled released of active substances, a clear referent on the field of biopolymeric injectables.
IÑAKI LÓPEZQuality Director
Guarantor of the quality and its fulfilment to make that the products and processes comply with the requirements and regulation of pharma and medical devices.
SERGIO CADIERNOEngineering Director
Expert in pharmaceutical and medical devices industrial manufacturing processes. Knowledge of technological developments and technology transfer.
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We are a working team with different research lines, that eases the creation of new synergies and the possibility of developing new partnership projects. If you want to contact us fill in the following form.

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