We are delighted to share the exciting findings of a recently published scientific article by our talented team of scientists at i+Med, Cooperative of Scientists. The study, titled “Resistance to Enzymatic Degradation and Efficacy Evaluation of Commercial Hyaluronic Acid-Based Viscosupplements for Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment,” led by Jon Andrade del Olmo, Virginia Sáez Martínez, and other collaborators, marks a significant breakthrough in the quest for effective solutions for osteoarthritis.

💡 Key Findings:
· Commercial viscosupplements were compared, including TrHCROSS® and the main market leaders.
·TrHCROSS® stood out by showing the highest resistance to enzymatic degradation by hyaluronidase.
·The lower degradation correlates with higher effectiveness and longer gel life.
· The success of TrHCROSS® is attributed to a novel HA crosslinking method: SARE® technology.

🌐 Impact and Future:
These promising results support the potential of TrHCROSS® as an advanced option in osteoarthritis treatment. Not only has it shown exceptional resistance, but it also complies with rigorous biological safety standards, solidifying its place as an intra-articular medical device with a promising future in traumatology and sports medicine.

📚 Full Article published in the high-impact indexed journal“Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications”

🌟 Congratulations to the i+Med Team!
This significant achievement in medical research is the result of the effort and dedication of our team. At i+Med, we reaffirm our commitment to scientific excellence to advance healthcare and enhance quality of life. We believe in the power of collaborative science and the positive impact we can achieve together.