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Applied analysis

We respond to the day-to-day analytical challenges.

Personalized service of applied analysis

At i+Med we offer the experience and know-how of our research team to respond to the analytical challenges of day-to-day business.

Through the use of the most modern analytical equipment and compliance with the strictest standards, in i+Med we offer the possibility of having the most reliable analyzes.


We help make the right decision regardless of need:

  • Analysis of raw material: Evaluation of raw materials and verification of specifications. Supplier Validation. Comparative analysis between raw materials.

  • Analysis of products in the market: Product monitoring in the market, evaluation of products from the competition, physicalchemical and microbiological characteristics analysis.

  • Market study: Search and analysis of the bibliographic information about the product group. Models and variants, raw materials, certificates, sales prices, consumption data and contact of reference health professionals.

  • Clinical Evaluation: Obtaining clinical data and analyzing, evaluating and writing Clinical Evaluation reports. Bioequivalence of medical device and clinical justification of the project.

  • Certification of Raw Material: Execution of tests under specific regulations, drafting of the technical dossier to obtain a specific raw material grade.

  • Reverse engineering: Tests on bioequivalent products to know their physicochemical characteristics and suitability for use. Advice on critical specifications.

  • R&D “a la carte”: Planning product development projects. Advice and process engineering.

  • Tests under the European Pharmacopoeia: Design of the dossier of trials for new drugs, development of new products based on bioequivalence.

  • Definition of the grades of raw material required for a new farmsanitary development.