Compound encapsulation is a technique used in medical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. It allows the vectorization of active compounds.


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Nanocarriers are those substances that have been encapsulated and that serve to convey different substances and actives. This encapsulation improves the efficacy and absorption of medications. This technique is often used in medical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications


It allows the vectorization of active compounds and their conveying for their release at an exact point

Benefits of the


The possibility of developing nanometric vehicles with the ability to retain the release until a certain condition (pH, temperature) is reached allows a controlled release in the therapeutic target.

  • Protection of the compound against degradation (increased stability).
  • Better bioavailability.
  • Decreased toxicity.
  • Masking of unwanted properties (taste, smell…).
  • Increased solubility of insoluble compounds.
  • Controlled release of the same.
  • Targeted release.
  • Higher cost/effectiveness (lower doses and amounts of the substances are required).
  • Better patient adherence to treatments (fewer applications).
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