Smart systems for controlled release

The controlled release systems provide a different speed and location of the active substace(s) than their conventional pharmaceutic form administered by the same route. These systems extend the therapeutic effect and diminish the concentration peaks characteristic of conventional methods, providing a better pharmacokinetic profile. 

liberación controlada sustancias activas i+Med

They allow the diffusion and release of the active molecule in a uniform and prolonged way, decreasing the side effects.

Controlled release in mucus for gingivitis treatment. 1-month assays.

controlled release i+Med

Release profiles at 30 days of three formulations for the treatment of gingivitis

In vitro controlled release studies mimicking ocular physiological condition

Release of active hydrating and UV-protecting agent from biodegradable hidrogel. Validated prototype. Product in scale-up stage.  24-hours assay:

Release profiles at 24 hours of ocular active ingredient from biodegradable hydrogel.

In vitro controlled release studies mimicking inner ear physiological conditions

Release of active ingredient from non ionic copolymer hydrogel. Product in Phase I clinical trial. 15-days assay:

controlled release i+Med

Release profiles at 15 days of otic active ingredient from hydrogel.