From @i+Med we present BuddyDrops®, a novel long-lasting moisturising and lubricating eye drop that helps to maintain moisture and eye hygiene in pets.

BuddyDrops® are the only drops on the market with a combination of ectoine, hyaluronic acid and carmellose together with our applied sustained release technology, so they remain on the surface of the eye for much longer, reducing the frequency of applications.

The benefits of BuddyDrops® are:

+ 12 hours of hydration.*

+ Relief of dry eye symptoms and sensation.

+ Relief of eye irritation.

+ Protection against external allergens, alleviating allergy symptoms.

+ Regeneration and stabilisation of the tear film.

BuddyDrops® is presented in a 15mL sterile plastic eye drop format.

BuddyDrops®, the only sustained release ectoine eye drops for pets”.

*In vitro test