This Thursday, April 25th at 12 PM, we mark an important milestone with the inauguration of the Business Classroom for Personalized Medicine at the Faculty of Pharmacy of UPV/EHU.

This space represents a joint commitment to promote active collaboration between higher education, the biomedical industry, and research and development in the enterprise. With the purpose of bringing the business world and research to students, we aim to enrich their education through competencies related to scientific innovation in the enterprise and awards that recognize students’ scientific performance.

During the inauguration, we will introduce i+Med, highlight our collaboration with UPV/EHU in the form of the Business Classroom, and share the inspiring professional trajectory of some of our colleagues, thus providing a tangible stimulus for the students. We will also present the planned activities for this year, followed by a moment for networking and an exciting raffle.

 Check out the event agenda here.

This is just the beginning of a joint journey towards academic and business excellence. We hope that this project inspires and motivates future generations of healthcare professionals.

See you on Thursday!