Important Collaboration between i+Med and the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) Leading to the Publication of an Innovative Scientific Study in the Prestigious Journal “Polymers” (MDPI), with an Impact Factor of 5.0 (Q1 in Polymer Science)

Innovation in Wound Healing with Nanofibers

Traditional wound dressings often fail to meet the growing needs of the biomedical field in regenerative medicine. In the quest to enhance tissue regeneration, nanofiber-based wound dressings, fabricated through electrospinning (ES) processes, have emerged as a powerful and effective alternative.

Study Details

In this study, we developed nanofibers of polycaprolactone (PCL) and chitosan (CHI) with different PCL:CHI weight ratios (9:1, 8:2, and 7:3) and CHI viscosities (20, 100, and 600 mPa·s), utilizing an alternating current electrospinning (ACES) process. These nanofibers were thoroughly characterized, evaluating their physicochemical and nanomechanical properties, as well as their wettability, absorption capacity, hydrolytic, and enzymatic stability.

Key Findings

– Biological Safety: The PCL/CHI nanofibers demonstrated high cytocompatibility and hemocompatibility (hemolysis < 2%).
–  Antibacterial Performance: Reductions of 99.90% for *S. aureus* and 99.91% for *P. aeruginosa*.
–  Enhanced Wound Healing: The PCL/CHI nanofibers significantly promoted cell proliferation, making them ideal candidates for long-term applications as wound dressings.

Publication in “Polymers”

This significant advancement has been published in the journal “Polymers,” a high-impact journal in the field of polymer science. You can read the full article through the following link:   Publication in Polymers.

We are very proud of this collaboration and the results obtained, which represent a major advance in the field of regenerative medicine and wound healing. This study reaffirms our commitment to innovation and the development of advanced biomedical solutions.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey towards a healthier and technologically advanced future!