Others Services

We have the ability to conceptualize, design and manufacture new products in the field of biomedical engineering.



Analytical Services

Physico-chemical, microbiological and biological evaluation services in vitro and in vivo.

Biomedical engineering

From the feasibility phase, to the product development and manufacturing phases or technology transfer. 

Scientific consulting

Accompaniment to the client to achieve their challenges and accelerate the market launch of their products

Analycal Services

Complying with the quality requirements, i+Med is able to provide a complete characterization of the formulations. Analytical services include physico-chemical, microbiological and biological evaluation in vitro and in vivo.

Our goal is to offer a fast and personalized service, including data processing and technical advice to provide as much information as possible to be able to evaluate the material.

Through the use of the most modern analytical equipment and compliance with the strictest regulations, at i+Med we offer the possibility of having high reliability analysis.

Biomedical engineering

At i+Med we have innovative facilities for polymer research, formulation development and characterization and manufacturing activities.

Our infrastructure allows to carry out not only the first phase of feasibility, but all the following phases of product development including the manufacture of all the batches necessary for animal trials and clinical trials (under GMPs) and technology transfer if required.

Regulatory support and quality requirements are also an integral part of our product development services.

In recent years i+Med has gathered a large number of preclinical data (including animal trials), which allows an agile and efficient product development process, which allows us to carry out clinical trials in a reasonable time.

Scientific consulting

We accompany the client to achieve their challenges and accelerate the market launch of their products. From the internal knowledge of the processes and regulations, technical, regulatory and quality support we accompany the client throughout all phases of the project.

  • Study and analysis of the project
  • Consulting quality systems
  • Application of CE Marking Regulations
  • Audits
  • Formations

Long acting injectables Formulation Development