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Technological nanohydrogels

In i+Med we offer other companies services of research, technology and expertise in the field of nanohydrogels.

Our nanohydrogels

The nanohydrogels of i+Med are particles obtained from technologies that are similar to those used to synthesize hydrogels, but with key differences. Their small sizes allows them to travel through biological fluids and cross biological membranes to their therapeutic target.

Nanohydrogels serving the healthcare

We have developed our own technology to create nanoparticles.

We are experts in hydrogels and we can get products optimized to each need of the healthcare professionals.

The research of i+Med is focused in the development and manufacture of injectable hydrogels for drug controlled release to improve the quality of life of the patients.

  • Aesthetic

  • Traumatology

  • Otology

  • Odontology

Other sectors

Biocompatible coatings

The knowledge of i+Med in the synthesis of coatings can give improved properties to the different surfaces, such as better biocompatibility, the property of a controlled release of active ingredients to decrease the risk of infection, inflammation, etc… All these improvements allow a better integration of the implant, decreasing the risk of rejection.

In i+Med we are experts in the research and development of hydrogels and nanohydrogels as replacements of biological fluids.

Our knowledge of polymeric matrices for biomedical applications has allowed us to develop a range of nanohydrogels intended for the coating of implants which offer significant competitive advantages:

  • Structured nanohydrogels to be loaded with active molecules such as drugs, vitamins or growth factors for their controlled release.

  • Custom made load of specific growth factor to aid tissue regeneration and the integration of the implant.

  • Coating of nanohydrogels loaded with a drug associated with the post-treatment, ensuring the best comfort and effectiveness on the patient and reducing side effects.

  • The mucoadhesive properties of the nanohydrogels allows their adhesion to almost any surface.

  • Optimization of the effective surface of the implant to improve osteointegration.

  • Maintenance of the optimal hydration levels in the biological microenvironment surrounding the implant.

  • Minimize the postoperative.

  • Less rejection of the implants.

Controlled drug release

The controlled drug release offers important advantages to conventional pharmacological treatments: a better control of the dose, prevention of the overdose and minimization of the side effects, providing better quality of life of the patient and making a contribution to the reduction of the pharmaceutical expense.

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Experts in hydrogels

The biopolymeric hydrogels are defined as the smart materials of the future. Depending on the monomer used to make them, they can have a very high biocompatibility, and their physico-chemical characteristics can be selected by chemical modifications of their native structure.

In i+Med we are experts in hydrogels, and we use the most suitable amounts of polymer, concentration and crosslinking degree, to optimize the formulation to the specific needs of your application

Products under development

The research tasks of i+Med in the field of hydrogels try to align both aspects by the development and manufacture of hydrogels for the controlled drug release.

Biocompatible injectable hydrogels that can be inserted with a minimally invasive procedure and that can release the drug by a controlled release for the duration of the treatment.