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at the forefront of microgels and nanogels.

i+Med is the owner of two patents related to the technologies to obtain these nanoparticles. Those patents summarize years of research in this area and i+Med applies them in the developments at the biomedical field. I+Med´s aim is that the society benefits from scientific advances. We therefore stand for the R+D+I to offer real solutions to the problems of people with a comprehensive, effective and efficient answer, prioritising the quality and effectiveness of our products. The discipline, commitment to improve all the processes, and the personal involvement, gives us an open mind to face new challenges and stay at the forefront of technology.

nuestras patentes imasmed

Biocompatible microgels and applications thereof
WO 2008/145612 A1

The biocompatible microgels comprises a polymeric network, said polymeric network comprising monomeric units interconnected with one another through a crosslinking agent, wherein said polymeric network can be obtained by polymerization in a dispersed medium of a biocompatible vinyl monomer and crosslinking agent. The micro gel may further comprise a biologically active agent. Said biocompatible micro gels can be used, among other applications, to transport and dose biologically active agents.

Cationic nanogels for biotechnological uses
WO 2011/113989 A1

The invention relates to a biocompatible cationic nanogel comprising a polymer network including polymer units interconnected by means of a cross-linking agent. According to the invention, the polymer network can be obtained by means of polymerisation in a dispersed medium of N-vinylcaprolactam and a cross-linking agent in the presence of a cationic initiator and a cationic or non-ionic emulsifier. The invention also relates to a method for producing said nanogels, as well as to the pharmaceutical compositions containing same.