Learn about all the internal projects developed at i + Med*.

OpHLINE – Ophthalmology | Hydrogel (More information)

Viscoelastic solution of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained from biofermentation source.

TrHLINE – Traumatology | Hydrogel (More information)

In joint viscoelastic solution of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, obtained by biofermentation source.

BtHLINE – Aesthetics | Hydrogel (More information)

Biocompatible polymeric solution of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation for aesthetic purposes.

BtHCROSS – Aesthetics | Hydrogel (More information)

Biocompatible hydrogel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation for aesthetic purposes.

DayDrop – Ophthalmology | Hydrogel (More information)

Humectant and lubricant sterile eye drops based on ectoine, hyaluronic acid and carboxymethylcellulose.

BuddyDrop – Veterinary | Hydrogel

Sterile moisturizing and lubricant long-lasting ophthalmic solution that contributes long eye hydration.

Profilm – OTC | Hydrogel (More information)

Hydrogel supplemented with natural extracts that forms a protective film relieving the first symptoms of cold sores.

nHAp – Odontology | Coatings

Biomimetic nanohydroxyapatite (nHAp) for dental tissue regeneration.

HyPhoCarrier – Traumatology | Intelligent nanocarrier

Vehiculization of hydrophobic substances in water-soluble nanoparticles.

Thermogel – Otorhinolaryngology / Oncology | Intelligent Hydrogel

Vehiculization and controlled otic release of a new therapeutic molecule by means of a biocompatible polymer.

Hydrocoat – Cardiology | Coatings

Biodegradable coatings capable of loading and controlled release of antibiotic substances in pacemakers.

Fasnagel Traumatology | Nanohydrogel

Therapeutic nanohydrogels for the treatment of acute post-operative pain and prevention of chronic pain.

NPHGJ Oncology | Controlled release

Patented NanoHydrogels: Thermo-sensitive and pH-sensitive controlled release.

Gammaregen Ophthalmology | NanoHydrogel

Active hydrogel therapeutic eyedrops for management of dry eye syndrome.

Sibari Republic Aesthetics | Hydrogel (More information)

Cosmeceutical anti-aging facial care range, formulated with hyaluronic acid that fills wrinkles from the inside and deeply moisturizes the skin.

* Projects developed to third parties cannot be shown for reasons of confidentiality.

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