Project Description


BtHCROSS is a biocompatible hydrogel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation and highly purified, dissolved in a physiological and isotonic buffer. The product is a sterile and apyrogenic injectable with a low level of endotoxins.

BtHCROSS inyectable cosmética



BtHCROSS is intended as a dermatological treatment for aesthetic purposes. Administered by intradermal injection, the product is indicated to restore and correct facial volume and fill in wrinkles and folds.

Depending on the depth of the wrinkles and the area to treat, there are 3 different models:

BtHCROSS 1.5%– Correction of superficial wrinkles such as perioral lines.
– Lip enhancement and profiling.
BtHCROSS 1.75%– Medium to deep skin depressions such as nasolabial folds.
BtHCROSS 2%– Facial contour remodelling and restoration of volumes

Material / Composition

BtHCROSS contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid of injectable grade obtained by biofermentation, dissolved in a physiological buffer with pharmacopeia quality ingredients and water for injection (WFI).

The rest of the excipients are of pharmacopoeia quality and water for injections (WFI).


Due to its formulation, BtHCROSS:
+ Restores the loss of volume and face contouring.
+ Fills in the folds and wrinkles that appear with age.
+ Redefines the contour and brings fullness to the lips.

Technical specifications

+ Visual appearance: clear liquid
+ Physiological pH
+ Isotonic
+ Endotoxin content <0.25 EU/mL
+ Sterile product
+ Biocompatible product


BtHCROSS is supplied in a pre-filled syringe of 1mL, ready to use. It is presented in an individual blister along with two single-use needles supplied as accessories.