Project Description


DayDrop is a humectant and lubricant sterile ophthalmic solution based on ectoine, hyaluronic acid and carboxymethylcellulose in the form of a hydrogel. Is a sterile eye drop, pH-buffered, free of phosphates and without preservatives.

Daydrop Gota oftálmica para combatir el ojo seco - i+Med



DayDrop is an ophthalmic solution indicated to alleviate the ocular dryness and irritation produced by environmental factors (wind, dust, air conditioning, dry heat), prolonged use of screens or contact lenses and/or some pathologies that present the above mentioned symptoms.

Material / Composition

Daydrop is composed with ectoine, carboxymethylcellulose, hyaluronic acid, pharmacopeia quality salts and purified water.


Due to its formulation, Daydrop:

+ Alleviates eye dryness and dry eye perception.
+ Alleviates eye irritation.
+ Protects against external allergens alleviating allergy symptoms.
+ Is compatible with contact lenses.

Technical specifications

+ Visual aspect: transparent liquid
+ Physiological pH
+ Isotonic
+ Sterile product
+ Biocompatible product


DayDrop is presented in unit-dose package of low density polyethylene containing 0.4 mL of sterile product. Each case contains 30 unit-dose packages.

Daydrop Gota oftálmica para combatir el ojo seco, monodosis - i+Med