Research lines

Developments and research lines we are working on

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Project Description

Research lines

The knowledge in biomaterials and controlled release of active substances, property of i+Med, is applied in different fields and areas of expertise, allowing the development of new research lines and new products as solutions to the new challenges in the field of Biomedicine. The strategy of i+Med is to generate new treatments and new products from the point of view of the patient’s satisfaction. Our challenge are the people. For this reason, our research lines are always aimed to the improvement of the quality of life of the people.

Controled drug release

  • Structured nanohydrogels to be loaded with active molecules such as drugs, vitamins or growth factors for their controlled release.

  • Coating of nanohydrogels loaded with a drug associated with the post-treatment, ensuring the best comfort and effectiveness on the patient and reducing side effects.

Biocompatible coatings

  • The mucoadhesive properties of the nanohydrogels allows their adhesion to almost any surface.

  • Optimization of the effective surface of the implant to improve osteointegration.

  • Maintenance of the optimal hydration levels in the biological microenvironment surrounding the implant.

  • Minimize the postoperative.

  • Less rejection of the implants.

  • Custom made load of specific growth factor to aid tissue regeneration and the integration of the implant.


Nanogels sensitive to pH, temperatures and also to electrical impulses.

Microgels / Nanogels

  • Wettable emulsion and film-forming with high wettability.

  • Drug permeation through mucosa.

  • Biological fluids replacement, intradermal fillings.

  • Gels as antimicrobial barrier.