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Hydrates, lubricates and protects for more than 12 hours thanks to its sustained-release formula with ectoin, hyaluronic acid and carboxymethylcellulose.
dejar BLANCO

DayDrop is an eye drop indicated to relieve dryness and eye irritation caused by environmental factors (wind, dust, smoke, air conditioning, dry heat), prolonged use of screens or contact lenses and / or certain ocular pathologies that occur with these symptoms.


+ Relieves dry eyes and dry eye sensation.

+ Relieves eye irritation.

+ Protects against external allergens relieving the symptoms of allergy.

+ Compatible with contact lenses.

+ Free of preservatives and phosphates and therefore particularly

well tolerated. 


DayDrop comes in single-dose containers containing 0.4 mL of sterile product.

30 strips x 0.4 ml

20 strips x 0.4 ml

15 strips x 0.4 ml

5 strips x 0.4 ml

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