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Highly purified high molecular weight hyaluronic acid viscoelastic solution obtained by biofermentation, transparent, physiological pH, isotonic, sterile and low in endotoxins.


dejar BLANCO

OpHLINE is indicated as an adjuvant in surgery of the anterior segment of the eye in the different operative phases of cataract surgery.

OpHLINE is indicated for use as a substitute for aqueous humor in surgery of the anterior segment of the eye.


Due to its rheological and physicochemical properties, OpHLINE:

 + Acts as an adjuvant for ophthalmic surgery.

+ Maintains the depth and integrity of the anterior chamber of the eye,

facilitating surgery and protecting intraocular tissues.

+ Facilitates the introduction of the intraocular lens.

+ Allows excellent visibility of the operative field.

+ Easily removed from the previous chamber.


OpHLINE comes in 1.2 mL prefilled syringes, ready for use.

A single-use injection cannula is supplied as an accessory.

OpHLINE 1.4% 1.2mL cannula 27G

OpHLINE 2% 1.2mL 25G cannula

OpHLINE 3% 1.2mL cannula 25G

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