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Viscoelastic solution of hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight obtained by biofermentation, highly purified, transparent, isotonic, sterile and low level of endotoxins.

dejar BLANCO

Intended for intra-articular injection for use as a substitute for synovial fluid in joint osteoarthritic processes (knee), in viscosuplemnetation treatments for endogenous synovial fluid when its viscosity has been reduced due to ostearthritional processes.


Due to its rheological and physicochemical properties:

+A lubricating effect on the joint affected by osteoarthritis.

+ Decrease pain and increase the functionality of the affected joint.

+ Be easily reabsorbed by the body due to its endogenous character.


It comes in a prefilled 2mL syringe, ready for use.

TrHLINE 1% 2mL

TrHLINE 2% 2mL 

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