Research Programmes

i+Med takes part actively in international research consortiums

The research is an important pillar of our company, for this reason we look for collaborations with other research centres or companies. i+Med takes part actively in international research consortiums with research teams from universities and specialized companies to innovate in the field of smart nanotechnologies related to biomaterials development for the controlled release of active substances. These collaborations are also set up with customers to solve specific problems and satisfy their requirements.

programas de investigación i+Med nanohidrogeles inteligentes
2020-2023Torres QuevedoMICINNHAPAFLUD
Improvement of production processes of nanostructured material in biointegrating sanitary products
2020-2024Industrial PhDMICINNINYEGEL
DIN2019-010868 1
Introduction of functional gels in manufacturing processes of injectable biomedical products
2020-2024ALAVA INNOVARegional Government of AlavaDAYTANTA
Innovation in aseptic manufacturing process for ophthalmic drops
2019-2023H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019EUROPEAN COMMISSIONMEDIPOL-871650Molecular Design of Polymers for Biomedical Applications
2019-2022INNOGLOBALCentre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI, Spanish Gobernment)GAMMAREGEN INNO-20182003New innovative ingredient for the development of medical devices: long lasting eye drop
2019-2023Industrial Doctorate ProgrammeMinistry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICINN, Spanish Government)nHAp Coatings DI-17-09668Industrial Doctorate
2019-2021CERVERACentre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI, Spanish Government)HAPAZUR IDI-20190568New nanostructured carriers base don nanohydroxyapatite for bio-regenerative applications
2019-2020HAZITEKBasque GovernmentHAPAZUR
New nanostructured carriers base don nanohydroxyapatite for bio-regenerative applications
2019-2022HAZITEK-ConsortiumBasque GovernmentIMABI Exp.ZE-2019/00012Research in biofunctional materials for the development of devices in the biomedical sector
2019Álava InnovaRegional Government of AlavaESTALTI INNOEM-2019/0056Innovation in bioactive coatings for titanium-based biomedical products
2018-2021BIKAINTEKBASQUE GOVERNMENTREFDEC-DI 01-AF-W2-2018-00002Industrial Doctorate
2018-2020BIKAINTEKBASQUE GOVERNMENTNanHyDAD 01-AF-W1-2018-00007Appointment of a Doctor in Pharmacy
2018H2020-MSCA-IF-2017EUROPEAN COMMISSIONTherGelFasNovel nanometrically structured therapeutic hydrogel as injectable intended for preventive treatment of chronic pain.
ZL-2018/0353 ZL-2019/00054
Development of a new biopolymeric nanostructured device for the custody and controlled release of highly addictive analgesics
2018H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1EUROPEAN COMMISSIONFasNaGel

Novel therapeutic injectable for pain treatment


New injectable vehiculized drug for the treatment of acute post-operative pain and for the prevention of its chronification.

EXP. ZE-217/00036
New biomedical advanced PROducts for the DIagnostic and Treatment of diseases
2017ALAVA INNOVADIPUTACION FORAL OF ALAVACUSTODHYALNano-Hydrogel loaded with highly addictive drug.
2017HAZITEKBASQUE GOVERMENTNANOESTRUCTURAS VEHICULIZANTES DE MOLÉCULAS ACTIVASBiodegradable nanostructures as an alternative vehicle for the administration of highly addictive drugs.
2016EUROPEOCEEEURONANOMEDProduction in a pilot plant of polymer nanostructures for bone reconstruction.
2016BIOEFBASQUE HEALTH SERVICE – OSAKIDETZATRANSPORTADOR NANOMÉTRICOThe idea is to be able to transport the tranexamic acid and the anesthetic through a gel administration that would be administered in the surgical wound before the suture in order to avoid punctures, obtaining a controlled release of the drug and a localized diffusion to the area of interest.
2016HAZITEKBASQUE GOVERMENTHIRUGEL 2Crosslinked nanohydrogel which acts as a vehicle for the controlled release of active agents.
2015INNOVACOUNCIL OF VITORIA-GASTEIZESTERILIZACIÓN DE NANOHIDROGELESDevelopment and innovation in the new sterilization process for the manufacture of nanohydrogels for controlled drug release.
2015NEOTECCDTI MIMECONANOHIDROGELES INTELIGENTESNanohydrogels for the controlled release of drugs, vitamins, growth factors and other compounds of interest. Within its business objectives, it intends to develop new production methods taking advantage of the technical advances to achieve a profitable level of production.
2015GAITEKBASQUE GOVERMENTHIRUGELDevelopment and manufacture of injectable hydrogels, which can be implanted near the are to be treated on a non- invasive way, and which are also able to release the drug in a controlled manner. The hydrogel will degrade and will finally be reabsorbed by the body.
2014INIZIAUNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY – UPV/EHUNA+HAManufacturing of hydrogels with hyaluronic acid base as organic fluids.
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