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Cutting-edge research

We are committed to the development and the constant improvement of our products.


Deep knowledge and a constant concern to challenge the properties of hydrogels are essential to provide a product of the highest quality.

i+Med is a research company constituted by researchers and with a firm commitment in the development and constant improvement of our products. The development of new technologies allows i + Med to remain at the forefront of technology, constantly developing new products and inventions to solve the challenges.

Deep knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the materials allows the design of a product adapted to each necessity.

Research programmes

i+Med takes part actively in international research consortiums for the development of new smart technologies about controlled release of active substances in biomaterials.


Research lines

The knowledge in biomaterials and controlled release of active substances, property of i+Med, is applied in different fields, allowing the development of new research lines and products.


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We are a working team with different research lines, that eases the creation of new synergies and the possibility of developing new partnership projects. If you want to contact us fill in the following form.

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