Recently, our CEO, Manu Muñoz, sat down with El Correo for an interview that took us from the humble beginnings of i+Med to the extraordinary scientific cooperative we are today.

In this conversation, Manu shared insights into our diverse lines of business, including a deep dive into the fascinating world of smart nanohydrogels. A concept that might be challenging for many outside the biosanitary field to grasp, but it represents the forefront of innovation at i+Med.

We cannot overlook the acknowledgment that Manu gave to the exceptional talent from Alava that drives our cooperative, making up more than 80% of our staff. At i+Med, we understand that our team is our most valuable asset, and the interview underscores its importance.

To delve deeper into this interview and discover more about the pillars that support our company, we invite you to read the full interview here.

We sincerely appreciate “El Correo” for sharing our story and vision. From our beginnings to the horizons we envision in the future.