Our brand, Sibari Republic, 🧑‍🔬💙🧪 specializing in high-end cosmetics and part of the scientific cooperative i+Med, had the honor of being highlighted as a case of success and innovation at the first edition of the Gaztekinn event in Álava. This event, organized by EL CORREO with the support of the Department of Tourism, Commerce, and Consumption of the Basque Government and the City Council of Vitoria, brought together prominent local entrepreneurs.

Itziar Beitia, representing the Sibari Republic team, shared her entrepreneurial experience with students from Egibide, Marianistas, Ciudad Jardín, and Corazonistas. During her intervention, she emphasized the importance of undertaking as a group and alongside other entrepreneurs from Álava, such as Eatyjet, with a concept of travel through food; and Kalmma, which merges psychology and art. Together, they explained how they carried out their ideas, the obstacles they faced, and the reasons that led them to undertake.

The act of entrepreneurship is justified by the freedom to pursue passions and create something meaningful, personal and professional development through challenges and continuous learning, the opportunity to innovate and create unique solutions, and the positive impact on the community and society in general, generating employment and driving economic development in the area.
Elena Moreno, Director of Commerce at the Department of Tourism, Commerce, and Consumption of the Basque Government, pointed them out as “the future,” as they will determine the direction of Basque commerce. She reminded them that innovation does not always imply achieving extraordinary goals, but rather improving what is already within our reach.
We hope to have been an example and inspiration for these young people, showing them that working on their own projects is a viable and rewarding choice. 🚀 🙌