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i+Vet  our veterinary line

Created with the aim of providing veterinary-market driven solutions.

Products for veterinary

i+Med develops products to meet the specific needs of the animal health professionals, adapted to the specific needs of each species and with the maximum standards of quality and guarantee.

We apply our knowledge and expertise in the development of specific products that satisfy the specific and diverse needs that the animal healthcare professionals find in their daily work.

We design a range of adapted products, taking into account the particular needs of each species and of each professional. Our aim is to overcome their expectations with the maximum quality and the guarantee of i+Med.

The biosanitary cutting edge technology to serve the animal healthcare professional

The transfer of our technologies and products to the veterinary sector allows placing the last biotechnological advances to the service of animal healthcare professionals. Hydrogels, nanohydrogels and coatings can be adapted and used in animals, with all the related advantages.