🧑‍🔬Virginia Sáez Martínez, PhD, and member of the i+Med team, represented our scientists’ cooperative by presenting a talk on her research titled “Liposomes for drug encapsulation in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases” at the international conference 3Bs Materials, held in Seville from March 06 to 08.

Virginia discussed preclinical studies evaluating the efficacy and safety of using liposomes as vehicles for delivering drugs intended for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. These spherical vesicles can be designed to release drugs in a controlled manner in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing for greater therapeutic efficacy and reducing side effects.
This event brought together distinguished speakers from around the world, experts in the fields of biomaterials, biodegradable materials, and biomimetics. The collaboration among these areas created a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
At i+Med, we deeply value events like 3Bs Materials 2024, as we believe in the power of exchanging innovative ideas and fostering fruitful collaborations in the scientific and technological realms. These interactions are essential for driving the advancement of knowledge and finding creative solutions to the challenges of health and medicine. We are committed to supporting our researchers and their participation in events that contribute to progress for the benefit of society.
Let’s continue to promote scientific excellence and technological progress together! We are delighted to be part of these inspiring and constructive encounters. 🧪🙌