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Advanced process development suppliers (CDMO)

Manufacturing Organization

Our services include the development of formulas, pilot studies in the laboratory and in automatic production lines, preparation of bulk products, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics, veterinary and diagnostic products.


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We adapt to your needs helping you throughout the project whatever the phase in which it is

 Full service solutions

cdmo advanced process development suppliers

i+Med has extensive experience in custom developments for clients in various biomedical sectors. We have the capacity to accompany and develop from the idea to the certification and commercialization phase.


Tailor-made solutions

If you already have a formula, you can rely on our know-how, our team of scientists will be at your disposal to find the best solution to your needs and those of the market.


Turnkey solutions

In i+Med, we have a wide catalog of our own products, developed and manufactured in our facilities ready for marketing under our own brand or licensing.


Co-manufacturing solutions

We carry out collaborations with research centers and companies actively participating, contributing our experience in the field of intelligent nanotechnologies around biomaterials for controlled release of active substances.

Our experience and technology to vehiculize molecules

creating products that meet technological requirements.