Your innovation, our ability to bring it to market

From initial development to commercial manufacturing,
we help our customers bring their innovations to market.

Tailor-made controlled release technologies

They allow the diffusion or release of the active substance more uniformly and prolonged, modifying the speed and place of release

Experts in Smart Nanohydrogels

At the forefront of microgels and nanogels, at i+Med we own two patents on the technologies for obtaining these nanoparticles.

i+Med Product Portfolio

Innovation is one of our main pillars, therefore,
we work daily in the search for new solutions
that meet the demands of the market.


Cutting-edge Technologies

Our ADAPTEK technology is transversal and allows us to generate high added value biomedical and pharmaceutical solutions adapted to the needs of each project.

We use the knowledge generated around our nanotechnology patents, which enable us to customise nanohydrogels, coatings and molecule carrier systems to adapt them to each project and client.

Controlled release

Release of active substances in a more uniform and prolonged way


Structured biomedical implants to be loaded with active agents


Capable of encapsulating hydrophilic and lipophilic substances


Vectorization of active compounds for release at an exact point

Your innovation

Our ability to bring it to market

We offer other organisations our technology and expertise to vehicle molecules enabling the development of new products that meet their technological requirements.

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We have experience and pharmaceutical developments in more than 9 therapeutic areas, having worked on technological projects with leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry in more than 30 countries.


We are manufacturers

and we have a range of our own products

Advantages of working with us

At i+Med, we have a strong expertise  as a true partner of pharmaceutical companies around the world, helping them develop their innovations, from idea to technology transfer, clinical trials or full commercialization.

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