Smart nanohydrogels

Our technology enables the development of biopolymeric nanohydrogels customized and adapted to each sector, allowing their loading with different active agents according to their application whether drugs, vitamins, growth factors or other assets of interest.

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Nanohydrogels are hydrogels in the form of nanoparticles based on cross-linked polymer networks that are perfect as controlled release systems due to their high encapsulation capacity, uniformity, adaptable and modifiable size, biocompatibility, response to stimuli, stability and scalability.

targeted delivery naohydrogels

Nanohydrogels for controlled release and transport of medicines

What is its function


Capable of encapsulating both hydrophilic and lipophilic substances. They have unique properties such as high water content, three-dimensional structure, biocompatibility and the most important their degree of swelling that allows the release of drugs through the external environmental conditions to the nanogel such as time, temperature or pH.

Patented process by which they can be functionalized with active groups (chemical groups, peptides, guide molecules, etc.).

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